Linde Fork Truck Rentals support BLOODHOUND SSC in setting a new World Land Speed Record!

Linde Fork Truck Rentals are delighted to support the BLOODHOUND SSC project, supplying materials handling equipment for the project since it begun.  BLOODHOUND SSC is an extraordinary project, representing an extreme sporting challenge designed to set a new World Land Speed Record at 1000mph.

BLOODHOUND SSC made its first public runs at Cornwall Airport Newquay in October hitting a peak speed of 210mph in front of an estimated 3,500 spectators, including VIPs and members of the BLOODHOUND’s 1K supporters club. The successful test was live streamed around the world and came 20 years after driver Wing Commander Andy Green set the current World Land Speed Record of 763.035mph.

BLOODHOUND SSC made two runs along the 9,000ft (2.7km) runway, accelerating at a rate of 1.5G and reaching 210mph from a standing start in just 8 seconds.

The runs were an unqualified success and atmosphere among the crowd was euphoric. Andy Green was equally thrilled: “The Car is already working faster and better than we expected. I cannot wait to go faster!”

To find out more about the first public runs, please click here