Linde Citi One for hire

The futuristic Linde CiTi truck introduces a new model classification between hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks. It offers a superb innovative solution to the growing numbers of deliveries directly to city centres and an alternative to the hand pallet truck used in workshops. Fully electrical, the CiTi truck effortlessly negotiates obstacles such as kerbs or verges of up to 70 mm high. this is due to the unique and innovative wheels, which are designed specifically for this purpose. The large, rubber tyred drive wheel and the two rear load wheels are pivot-mounted to travel over obstacles. In addition, the wheels and rollers minimize noise, a real plus for residents when making early morning deliveries to city centres. Its Piek certification ensures a noise level below 60 dB (A).

CiTi truck is full of innovative solutions offering a very compact truck, a powerful truck and high safety standards meanwhile.

CitiOne capacity: 500 kg