Linde T20R for hire


The Linde rider seated pallet truck T20 R is specially designed to optimized load transfers. In addition to three independent braking systems, its low centre of gravity and four point configuration provides assured control of the truck and impressive stability. All the wheels pivot safely within the contour of the chassis.

The Linde Digital Controller enables starting on gradients without rollback. The powerful 2 kW drive motor provides a maximum speed of 12km/h to fulfil long distance internal pallet transfer duties and combines with electric steering for effortless manoeuvrability. 125 mm of lift ensures ease of operation on loading ramps and bridging plates for totally versatile performance.

Ergonomically designed operator’s compartment features a sideways seating position combines with Linde twin accelerator control for seamless, strain-free travelling and manoeuvring in either direction. A comfort-class suspension seat provides full lateral, lumbar, weight and height adjustments to suit every operator. All operating controls are conveniently positioned for ease of use and a multi-function instrument display keeps the operator informed of the trucks status.

The rugged chassis is constructed using formed high quality steel pressings with minimal components and welds for maximum strength and rigidity. Each reinforced fork tip is able to withstand a 2,000 kg load without deformation. The motors, sub components and electronics are all protected within the robust chassis structure. Consistent reliability and long life is assured with this highly durable range.

Linde pallet trucks are designed to deliver high levels of productivity over many years with lower operating costs. The Linde multifunction back-lit display provides the operator with all necessary information about the truck. Features such as swift access to all components and electronics sealed in aluminium housing protecting them from vibration, dust and moisture also play their part in maximising truck uptime and availability

T20R capacity: 2000kg