Linde T 20 AP for hire

Innovation is the driving force of progress and the development of the new Linde range of stand-on electric pallet trucks is an outstanding example of this philosophy. Designed for optimum versatility there are two versions: The AP model, which has a folding stand-on platform and side guards enabling operation in both pedestrian and stand-on mode. The SP version has a fixed stand-on platform and is fitted with the innovative Linde e-driver controller, which enables the operator to adopt the ideal 45 degrees driving posture when travelling in either direction. Rapid pallet transfers, marshalling and lorry loading/unloading duties are a key link in busy supply chains and the new Linde range is designed to carry out these tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively than had ever previously been possible, combined with unsurpassed operator comfort and safety.

T20AP capacity: 2000 kg