Linde S 60 for hire

The Linde S 30 to S 60 range of engine powered side-loaders with capacities from 3000 to 6000 kg provide the perfect solution for handling long or wide loads such as timber packs, pipes, steel plate or similarly dimensioned loads. Designed to handle the loads by the forks reaching out sideways, the Linde side-loader range is able to store and retrieve long loads in aisles, which are little more than the width of the side-loader itself for the most effective use of the available space. Fitted with the renowned Linde hydrostatic transmission and a powerful high-torque diesel engine these robust side-loaders deliver high performance with outstanding precision and control. An ergonomic all-weather cabin ensures the operator is able to work in total comfort and safety in all climatic conditions for optimum productivity.

S60 capacity: 6000 kg