Finding a fork lift truck for hire can be a fairly simple task, but when the

requirement is for lifting to 11 metres, it can prove a more complicated challenge.

Davicon is a mezzanine design and manufacturer located in Brierley Hill,

specialising in mezzanine floors and mezzanine levels. The company has

designed, manufactured and installed mezzanine floors for numerous large, well

known and respected companies including British Gas, Morrisons, John Lewis,

BMW and New Look.

Many of these projects require the need for lifting support which is provided by

McLeman Forklift Services Ltd, a division of Linde Forklift Truck Hire. With one of

the largest lift truck rental fleets in the UK, Linde Forklift Truck Hire are not only

able to help with standard trucks, but their comprehensive fleet also consists of

trucks with more complex specifications.

Ian Priest, Project Manager at Davicon commented, 'The trucks from McLemans

enable us to unload lorries and lift steel structures which sometimes can mean lifts

up to 11 metres. The availability of this type of machine on hire for either long or

short periods is imperative to our business.'

Using trucks with lift heights to 11 metres involves the removal of the mast for

transportation and re-masting on site by Linde engineers. The engineers return to

site and de-mast once the project is complete, ready for the truck to be returned.

Linde Forklift Truck Hire operates one of the largest fork lift truck rental fleets in

the UK with over 10,000 trucks available to be hired ranging from one day to as

long as required. Linde's stock ranges from pallet trucks right up to

counterbalance trucks with capacities of 52 tonnes, making them able to supply

machines for every type of application.

For more information on how Linde Forklift Truck Hire can help your business, call

0845 609 3333 or go to www.forktruckrentals.co.uk